Better Together: Becoming the Church

Anchor Passage: John 17:1-5
The Big Idea: When your hour comes, how will you respond?

     1. Even before your hour comes, PRAY.

     2. When your hours comes, REMEMBER who you are.

     3. When your hour comes, stay FOCUSED.
     4. When your hour comes, TRUST that your Father has a plan.

Anchor Passage: Ephesians 4:32
The Big Idea: When dreams become painful, forgiveness can soothe the pain.

     1. God allowed Adam and Eve to participate in how their relationship with him would be          decided. They failed!

     2. The Old Testament path towards restoration: Forgiveness

     3. The New Testament Story; continued
     4. Why is it important to remember what God did through Jesus?
     5. What happens when we forget to remember?

Anchor Passage: Acts 11:1-18
The Big Idea: Pursue diversity in God's Church

     1. We must fight the drift towards segregation.

     2. We must celebrate uniqueness of the individual.

     3. We must remind ourselves that the Gospel is for everyone.